101 Goals

Starting July 1st, I am beginning the 101 in 1001 challenge. This is my list and I will keep it updated with things as I accomplish them, marked through and with dates. Also it's in no particular order, just how they came to me. And I tried to think realisticly. They're are tons of things that I'd love to do but will definately not happen in the next thousand days. I actually want to be able to accomplish all of these, otherwise, what's the point? So this should be fun.. Wish me luck!

  1. Have 100+ followers on my blog.
  2. Remodel our kitchen.
  3. Start a pizza/movie night tradition with my husband.
  4. Get a pool for our backyard. Read about it here!
  5. Finish our master bedroom/bathroom, COMPLETELY!
  6. Complete 365 day challenge.
  7. Get a tattoo.
  8. Complete the 30 day Shred.
  9. Eat healthy for 1 whole month. (and hopefully from then on out!)
  10. Officially start up my business. (legal paperwork, tax forms, etc.)
  11. Have my own store/booth set up.
  12. Cut my hair short! Read about it here!
  13. Have a baby.
  14. Stop Smoking!!
  15. Host holiday meals for my family for a whole year. Every holiday.
  16. Get a new cellphone. (HTC Inspire!) Read about it here!
  17. Upgrade to a better camera.
  18. Open an Etsy shop.
  19. Have a published photograph.
  20. Complete my craft room.
  21. Go camping. REAL camping, with a tent and bugs.
  22. Lose 30 lbs.
  23. Set up a Saltwater Aquarium and keep the fish alive.
  24. Take a really nice vacation, for a whole week.
  25. Witness M getting his racecar on the track and winning a race!
  26. Bake a Rainbow Cake, successfully.
  27. Teach Hershey a new trick.
  28. Keep the house clean and organized for 30 days. (and hopefully starting a new habit of cleanliness.)
  29. Make 5+ donations to a local no-kill animal shelter.
  30. Read 100 books.
  31. Eat at a super fancy resteraunt.
  32. See Brett Michaels in concert.
  33. Go to the zoo. (preferably New Orleans or Memphis.)
  34. Learn how to upholster furniture.
  35. Make homemade chinese food and have chinese night!
  36. Grow a successful garden.
  37. Spend a weekend in New Orleans.
  38. Buy a Kindle or Nook. EDIT: I got a Kobo!
  39. Cook my way through an entire cook book. (haven't decided which one yet.)
  40. Learn to decorate cakes using fondant.
  41. Watch 26 movies I haven't seen, working my way through the alphabet. (3/26)
  42. Get rid of everything in the house that we don't "love" and donate.
  43. Take a "beachy" weekend getaway.
  44. Have an outdoor movie night.
  45. Fix the floor in the spare bathroom.
  46. Obtain a nice sun tan from the actual sun.
  47. Buy a sewing machine.
  48. Make new curtains for the entire house.
  49. On our way home from Michigan (we go every year) take a "sight seeing" roadtrip.
  50. Travel the whole Natchez Trace Parkway, visiting all the historical sites along the way.
  51. Paint wall mural on the side of M's shop.
  52. Visit M's grandparents in Naples, FL.
  53. Adopt a child from the Angel Tree at Christmas time.
  54. Attend 5+ local events that I've never been to. (Brandon Day, Balloon Glow, etc.)
  55. Go to the dentist. (it's a big fear of mine.)
  56. Take Hershey and Zoey somewhere made for dogs. (Dog park, Dog Beach, etc.)
  57. Have a huge cookout/party for all of my old co-workers.
  58. Learn the basics of car maintenance. 
  59. Have a picnic in the park.
  60. Watch a fireworks show.
  61. Eat at Fudpucker's and buy a T-shirt.
  62. Learn how to crochet.
  63. Have our wedding picture made into one of those cool canvas art pieces.
  64. Attend the Dixie National Rodeo with box seats.
  65. Ride the Ferris Wheel at the state fair. (major fear of heights!)
  66. Have professional pictures made of M and I, and the doggies!
  67. Participate in a local craft fair.
  68. Have a booth in the Canton Flea Market.
  69. Take all 4 animals in for a Vet checkup.
  70. Go to an amusement park.
  71. Start a new blog feature.
  72. Skype with a friend, regularly.
  73. Keep a video blog, even if it never gets put online.
  74. Write in a paper journal.
  75. Put together a Wedding Scrapbook.
  76. Cut myself down to 1 coke a day.
  77. Paint a piece of canvas artwork for our house. Original!
  78. Rebuild a larger front porch with a roof.
  79. Stay away from Facebook for one whole week!
  80. Beat a Mario Bro. video game. (I think I'm one of the rare few who has not done this!)
  81. Buy a new pair of glasses.
  82. Streak my hair with a fun color. (blue or purple maybe...)
  83. Use my Flirty Girl fitness DVDs for at least 1 month, hopefully more. (I've never gone past 2 days. Who knew dancing was such a hard workout??)
  84. Go to a Water Park.
  85. Have a garage sale.
  86. Find a part time job.
  87. Paint my bedroom furniture.
  88. Make my bed. EVERY DAY!!
  89. Help M finish putting together my paint booth.
  90. Send out Christmas cards, maybe with a picture inside.
  91. Finish landscaping our front and back yards.
  92. Paint our refrigerator black to match the other appliances. (I've bought the paint, just haven't wanted to tackle it yet.)
  93. Make a Sunburst Mirror from paint sticks. (just like this one! i love it.)
  94. Give homemade gifts to family for Christmas. (NO SHOPPING! I can handle that!)
  95. Take a trip to Kentucky to visit old friends and stop at the KFC museum along the way.
  96. Setup an OFFICIAL driveway.
  97. Start a Savings Account and put 10% of all my sales into it for a whole year.
  98. Change all my paperwork (driver's license, insurance, etc) to my new last name.
  99. Get a "new to me" vehicle.
  100. Have my furniture featured on someone else's blog.
  101. Make M take me out on the town to celebrate completing my list!

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