Monday, September 3, 2012

NOTW {pink stripes}

This is actually a mani I did a couple of weeks ago. Right now my nails are just natural and that's not very exciting. So, I figured I'd share these nails that I still had some photos of. I started out using tape. But I was kind of impatient so I ditched that half way through and just free handed it. So my lines are little wonky but I still think it turned out cute.


  • N.Y.C color 108a (light pink)
  • N.Y.C color 111a (hot pink)
  • Sally Hansen Diamond Strength glitter top coat

The only thing that I wasn't happy about with this was the glitter. I think it would have been much cuter if I'd just used a plain top coat. But eh, you live and you learn! Overall, it was super easy to do and it would be fun to play with the colors. Maybe even add in a third color. Hope you guys like!

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Kimberly Hardtke said...

The different colors remind me a little of neopolitan ice cream...with the light pink standing in for chocolate. :) Looks cute! I usually get fed up with tape and just freehand it too - but I've never tried three colors!

Holly in Wonderland said...

@Kimbery - Thank you! Now that you say that, it does look a little like the ice cream!

Renée Andrea Reddy said...

This mani is way cute! I actually like the glitter topcoat it adds to the whole girly look I think and it looks like it's a mani made for 'Wonderland', so pretty! :)

Holly in Wonderland said...

@Renee - Thanks! I usually love glitter on anything but something about this just threw me off. It was still really cute tho! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

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